Woodmark Apartments, 7716/7760 Bodega Ave

This project of 84 units of deed restricted, low- and very-low income rental housing (Affordable Housing) is approved. The project is being constructed in two phases. Phase 1 (Please see: Applicant’s phasing plan for what is included in Phase 1.) is anticipated to be completed in 2024. Phase 1 is currently undergoing construction.

This project underwent Preliminary Review sessions in 2019-20. The project was submitted under SB35, and was approved on August 11, 2022. Additional subsequent permits (Tree Removal, Tree Protection Plan, Lot Merger, and Sign Permits) determinations were also issued. Building permit / grading permit review is underway.

Link to applicant’s website

Applicant contact for construction questions or rental inquires: woodmarktpc@gmail.com (note, units will be deed restricted to very low and low income residents, and rental is not anticipated to begin until 2024).

Current Site Activities

  1. The applicant intends to phase the project, and has submitted grading and building permit applications for Phase 1. (48 units, south side and central site buildings) Applicant’s phasing plan for what is included in Phase 1.

The updated Traffic Study has been submitted and reviewed as part of the follow-up requirements.  The Study includes updating the traffic counts. The study also proposed revising the project to have an internal ‘stop sign’ for residents leaving Woodmark (north of the shared driveway) instead of at the exit to Bear Meadows.

The City has reviewed the study and accepted the analysis, which would require pedestrian improvements across Bodega (a rapid flashing beacon).  Following are conclusions of the analysis:

  • The updated traffic and queuing analysis shows the impact to the neighboring Bear Meadows development will not be significant. No changes to the eastern access configuration are needed.
  • The updated signal warrant analysis shows that the intersection of Bodega Avenue & Robinson Road does not meet the minimum volume warrant thresholds for a traffic signal.
  • To improve pedestrian safety crossing Bodega Avenue at Robinson Road, a RRFB crossings are recommended as the most appropriate intersection improvement.