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Engineering Division

Project plans and specifications may only be obtained by registering for the project plan holders list. Contact DrafTech at (707) 578-9442 or visit for more information on obtaining project documents and registering for the project plan holders list. Any bidder not registered for the plan holders list prior to the bid opening date shall have their bid deemed non-responsive. Questions may be directed to



(Funded by Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Grant)

The City of Sebastopol is soliciting proposals for the ‘Sebastopol Main Street Planning and Redesign Project’ and partnering with Caltrans, the County of Sonoma, Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA), and the City of Santa Rosa to explore potential improvements to the roadways outside city limits that complement recommended projects Downtown.

The City is seeking proposals with the intention of securing a contract with a Professional Consultant who will provide planning and traffic engineering services as well as perform all work required for the project.

To find out more information, view the document below.

Proposals must be sent to:

Updated Deadline: January 22nd, 2024, at 5PM (PST).



The City has been exploring the possibility of forming an Enhanced infrastructure Financing District (“EIFD”) to pay for qualifying infrastructure projects that provide benefits to the greater community. Sonoma County is partnering with the City in this endeavor, and is providing financial support for the activities described in this RFP. The City and County share the goal of financing capital facilities or other specified projects of community-wide significance that provide benefits to the area within the EIFD’s boundaries or the surrounding community.

The City and County are now seeking qualified professionals to assist the parties in evaluating a potential EIFD, including conducting necessary financial and economic analysis to determine the feasibility of a potential EIFD to pay for qualifying infrastructure projects. If the City and County determine that forming an EIFD is prudent and feasible, the Parties may also seek professional assistance on certain actions related to formation of the EIFD.

The City and County are interested in exploring different potential boundaries for the EIFD. Any potential EIFD would include the City of Sebastopol, as well as certain unincorporated areas of Sonoma County’s 5th Supervisorial District. The 5th District encompasses the west county, including the entire Sonoma County coast, and the lower Russian River area. The infrastructure projects to be funded by the EIFD will likely differ depending on the boundaries of the EIFD.


To find out more information, view the document below.

Proposals must be sent to:

Deadline: May 9 2024, at 5PM (PST).