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Water and Sewer Rate Increases: Public Hearing Scheduled for June 18

May 14, 2024, City News

Water and sewer rates have not covered the costs of operating the City’s water and sewer systems since Fiscal Year 2019-20. One consequence is that our systems are in poor condition, which increases the risk of failures that would leave residents without water or sewer service for what could be hours or even days at a time.

At a special meeting of the Sebastopol City Council on April 23, the Council reviewed a Utility Rate Study on Water and Wastewater (Sewer) Enterprise Funds and voted to bring rates to a level that will better cover the cost of operating and maintaining these systems. 

The Council chose an option that recommended increasing rates by some 50% in the first year, followed by smaller increases in following years. This does not mean that rates will increase 50% across the board. The proposed tiered rates are based on consumption and usage. Rates for an average single-family home are estimated to increase approximately $43 per month. Because we will charge lower rates for the first level of use, residents will be able to better control their bills. 

The City Council will consider adopting these recommendations at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, June 18, at 6:00 p.m. at the Youth Annex on Morris Street. As with all City Council meetings, you are welcome to attend in person or via Zoom.

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