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UPDATE to April 16 City Council Meeting Agenda

April 11, 2024, City News


The agenda for next Tuesday’s Sebastopol City Council meeting has been amended to remove consideration of a cease fire resolution. Vice-mayor Stephen Zollman, who requested that the Council consider this item, stated “Based on ongoing community input and the crucial need to focus on our financial situation and other items, I am pulling this item from Tuesday night’s agenda.”

Vice-Mayor Zollman does not intend to ask the Council to consider this topic at a future meeting. He can be reached at

See the REVISED meeting agenda here.

April 11, 2024

There are two high-interest items on the City Council Meeting agenda scheduled for April 16: Discussion of Fire Services Consolidation (currently item #5); Consideration of a Proclamation Affirming Sebastopol’s Support for an Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire (currently item #6).

The Sebastopol City Council welcomes input from the community and it is anticipated that many members of the public may want to weigh in on these topics. However; there is limited capacity for in-person attendance at the Youth Annex where these meetings are held. City Staff was unable to secure a larger venue for the meeting and is reaching out to ensure that the public is aware that remote participation via Zoom is an option. The Fire Services Merger/Consolidation item is the first item on the Regular agenda and is likely to take considerable time. That item will then be followed by the Request for Resolution for Cease fire item. 

In addition to providing public comment in person or virtually, public comment may also be submitted via email or telephone prior to the meeting. Find complete instructions here. These comments will be entered into the public record and will be given as much consideration as comments made in person or via Zoom during the meeting.

See the meeting agenda here, including information on how to participate remotely.