Meeting Details

City Council Meeting April 2, 2024

April 02, 2024 | 6:00 pm

Sebastopol Youth Annex

425 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA, USA

Add to Calendar Apr. 02, 2024 6:00 pm Apr. 02, 2024 12:00 am UTC City Council Meeting April 2, 2024 In Person Location: Sebastopol Youth Annex, 425 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 Remote/Virtual Zoom Link: (see below Join Meeting Link) City Council is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: City Council Meeting – April 2, 2024 Time: Apr 2, 2024, 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting: One tap mobile +16699006833,,87699946425#,,,,*962641# US (San Jose) +16694449171,,87699946425#,,,,*962641# US — Dial by your location +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) +1 669 444 9171 US +1 719 359 4580 US +1 253 205 0468 US +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) +1 346 248 7799 US… Sebastopol Youth Annex

City Council Meeting/Youth Annex

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pdfMeeting Agenda pdfApproved April 2 2024 City Council Meeting Minutes
Agenda Items:
Adopted Resolutions:
Public Comments:
pdfAgain_ Jewish leader for Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfCorrect Staff Report #6- Don't Connect RV encampment to SVP pdfKeep Zoom 4_2_24 pdfNo on SVP Homekey pdfSupport Canopy - Item 7 pdfKEEP MEETINGS ON ZOOM WITH PUBLIC COMMENT pdfSupport continuing zoom meetings without change pdfSupport withdrawing from Gravenstein Commons Homekey Project pdfAI 6- Withdraw from city participation in the Gravenstein Commons Homekey Project_ pdfAI 7- Councillor Rich again attempts to stifle free speech and information sharing_ pdfAI8 Middle East ceasefire brokered by City of Sebastopol Council pdfIn support of a bilateral ceasefire resolution _Redacted pdfCeasefire resolution amendment_Redacted pdfCeasefire resolution_Redacted pdfFrom West County resident_Redacted pdfIn support of the cease fire resolution_Redacted pdfIsrael_Redacted pdfOpposition to Agenda Item Number 8 Cease Fire Resolution_Redacted pdfPlease Vote No on Israel-Hamas Resolution5_Redacted pdfResolution for Ceasefire_Redacted pdfResolution on Israel-Hamas war_Redacted pdfsupport ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfSupport for a Permanent CeaseFire_Redacted pdfSupport for ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution1_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution2_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution3pdf_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution4_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution6_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution7_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution8_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution9_Redacted pdfAdopt the ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfCC meeting 4_2 Zoom Bombing_Redacted pdfCeasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfCity Council Meeting - Zoom Bombing_Redacted pdfComment re Controlling Zoom Hearing Public Comments_Redacted pdfDiscontinue the comments via Zoom_Redacted pdfMeeting Disrupters_Redacted pdfPlease consider suspending zoom option_Redacted pdfPlease send to all Coiuncil Membeers_Redacted pdfPlease support a ceasefire in Gaza_Redacted pdfPublic comment_Redacted pdfPublic comments on zoom_Redacted pdfPublic comments via zoom_Redacted pdfracist zoom bombing_Redacted pdfRe_ Agenda item 8 - City Council Meeting on April 2nd - Ceasefire Resolution - _Redacted pdfRe_ Local alert - Agenda item 8 - City Council Meeting April 2nd - Ceasefire resolution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict - LEGAL RISK_Redacted pdfSign policy for Council Meetings_Redacted pdfZoom _Redacted pdfZoom Bombing - Asking for your opinion_Redacted pdfZoom Bombing Comments_Redacted pdfzoom bombing isssue_Redacted pdfZoom bombing situation_Redacted pdfZoom bombing thoughts_Redacted pdfzoom bombing_Redacted pdfZoom bombing1_Redacted pdfZoom Bombing2_Redacted pdfZoom Bombing3_Redacted pdfZoom Bombing4_Redacted pdfZoom bombing34_Redacted pdfzoom bombs 3-31-24_Redacted pdfZoom comments_Redacted pdfZoom comments2_Redacted pdfZoom meetings_Redacted pdfZoom_Redacted pdfZoom2_Redacted pdfSupport for Gaza Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfzoom comments_Redacted pdfAgenda Item Number 6 pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution_Redacted pdfZoom Bomb_Redacted pdfZoom bombers_Redacted pdf4-2 City Council Letter in Support of Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfIn support of a ceasefire resolution!_Redacted pdfVote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution_Redacted pdfIn support of a ceasefire resolution!_Redacted pdf2024_0401_Support for The Canopy pdfZoom bombing_Redacted pdfCouncil Meetings - Zoom feedback_Redacted pdfIn support of a ceasefire resolution! _Redacted pdfPro ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfCeasefire Resolution - Support_Redacted pdfNew submission from Send Us A Message_Redacted pdfSupport for ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdf🌈 In support of Ceasefire Resolution 4_2 ! 🌈_Redacted pdf422024RE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdf422024RE_ Orgs Supporting a Ceasefire_Redacted pdf422024RE_ Vote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution_Redacted pdf422024RE_ Zoom on the agenda_Redacted pdf4220241RE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdf4220241RE_ Vote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution_Redacted pdfABRE_ pass a ceasefire resolution sebastapol_Redacted pdfBPRE_ PEACE TOWN FOR PEACE!_Redacted pdfCFRE_ Cease fire resolution_Redacted pdfCLRE_ Ceasefire in gaza_Redacted pdfCLRE_ Support for Gaza versus Ukraine_Redacted pdfDM1RE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfDMRE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfDRE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfDSRE_ Cease fire request_Redacted pdfFRE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfIKRE_ Yes on local ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfJSRE_ Public comment for Agenda Item 8, April 2 City Council meeting_Redacted pdfKHRE_ Zoom_Redacted pdfKLRE_ public comment_ please go to in-person meetings_Redacted pdfKRRE__Redacted pdfLERE_ Sebastopol resident in support of a ceasefire_Redacted pdfLPRE_ Public Comments Via Zoom_Redacted pdfMCRE_ Cease Fire Resolution_Redacted pdfMDRE_ Solidarity for the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfMWRE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfNHRE_ Support for the Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfRHRE_ Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfRNRE_ Calling for a ceasefire resolution now!_Redacted pdfRPRE_ Ceasefire_Redacted pdfRRE_ Support for Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfSSRE_ Vote No on Divisive Israel-Hamas Resolution_Redacted pdfTERE_ Support for a Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfTKRE_ Sebastopol City Council_ in support of cease fire resolution_Redacted pdfVGRE_ Foster Unity and Peace in Sebastopol_Redacted pdfWMRE_ Immediate and permanent CEASEFIRE_Redacted pdfWRE__Redacted pdfCEASEFIRE NOW_Redacted pdfHLAgenda Item Number 7_ Suspension of Zoom Virtual Format for City Meetings_Redacted pdfIDRe_ Information request - Ceasefire Resolution _Redacted pdfJBSupport for a ceasefire resolution!!!_Redacted pdfKOPublic Comment_Redacted pdfLDPublic Commenting_Redacted pdfLPceasefire_Redacted pdfMazeRe_ Solidarity for the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfNKZoom bombing at meetings_Redacted pdfPlease do not create divisiveness._Redacted pdfPlease_Redacted pdfPublic Comments on Zoom_Redacted pdfRMCity Council meeting tonight 4_2 Canopy disapproval_Redacted pdfSebastopol city council meeting _Redacted pdfSLIn support of a ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfTSPublic Comments Debate_Redacted pdfWMZoom and hate speech_Redacted pdfZoom bombing_Redacted pdfEliminating City Council Zoom option_Redacted pdfPublic comment about ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfPublic Comment about The Canopy_Redacted pdfPublic comment Please Mayor Rich please stop the Gravenstein Project pdfCease Fire Resolution- City of Sebastopol resident_Redacted pdfCease Fire Resolution- City of Sebastopol resident1_Redacted pdfCeasefire Resolution _3_Redacted pdfCEASEFIRE RESOLUTION NOW!_Redacted pdfCeasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfceasefire resolutions for your city council meeting today_Redacted pdfceasefire!_Redacted pdfFuture Council Meetings_Redacted pdfFW_ Public Comment on Agenda Item 4_Redacted pdfIn support of a ceasefire resolution!_Redacted pdfIn support of Ceasefire resolution _Redacted pdfItem 4 on 4_2_2024 agenda_Redacted pdfItem_ Ceasefire Resolution SUPPORT_Redacted pdfLocal SUPPORT for Ceasefire Resolution, Agenda Item #8, please pass TODAY_Redacted pdfPublic comments _Redacted pdfRe_ Ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfRe_ Keep Item 4_Redacted pdfRegarding the Revised Resolution calling for a Cease Fire_Redacted pdfSebastopol Resident - Please confirm receipt_Redacted pdfSupport for ceasefire resolution_Redacted pdfSupport for Ceasefire Resolution1_Redacted pdfTonight's Gaza-Israel ceasefire resolution _Redacted pdfVoicing my Support_Redacted pdfVote no on ceasefire, choose lasting peace_Redacted pdfZoom bombing and hate speech. _Redacted pdf04_02_24 Public Hearing Agenda Item 8 - Consideration of Resolution Calling for a Cease Fire_Redacted pdfMy 2 cents on the zoom bombs _Redacted pdfSupport for Ceasefire Resolution_Redacted pdfyes to zoom calls_Redacted
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