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Call for Artists: South Entry Sculpture

October 30, 2023, City News

The City of Sebastopol and its Public Arts Committee (PAC) is seeking proposals from professional artists & artist teams living in the State of California for the design, fabrication, and installation of a permanent, original public art suitable for placement at the trailhead of the Joe Rodota Trail on Petaluma Avenue, which also marks the entry to Sebastopol’s downtown.  The commissioned art will have a budget of $25,000 from the City’s Art in-lieu fund.

Project Objectives

The City is open to a range of proposals.  There is no set theme or medium.   However, durability of materials and construction is of great importance for this public art project as this will be a permanent installation. Generally, potential opportunities and considerations associated with the project may include:

  • Site-specific design that reflects the community
  • Foster a sense of beauty, multi-layered meaning, or have other compelling attributes
  • Be appropriate for a public space
  • Help create attractive public places
  • Be durable, safe, and low-maintenance
  • Enhance the pedestrian environment
  • Foster cultural understanding
  • Highlight local history, culture, or environment


The Public Arts Committee will select up to three finalists; these artists/artist teams will be asked to further develop their proposal to the public.  A $1,000 honorarium will be provided to the finalists who are selected and choose to continue the process.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 29, 2024, 3:00 p.m.

Send to: (electronic submissions only)

A proposal should include the following:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Art Description/Depiction
  • Timeline
  • Budget (Details of elements needed included on PDF)
  • Professional Resume
  • Images of Past Work

View the ‘Call for Artists: Sebastopol South Entrance Public Art Project’ PDF below for more details and requirements for submissions.


The Planning Department is managing this project.  Any questions about the RFQ may be directed via email to: or call the Planning Department at: 707-823-6167. Before reaching out, view the FAQ’s below to see if your question has been answered.


What are the submission requirements?

Review the “Sebastopol South Entrance Public Art Project” PDF file for specific submittal requirements. Then email a digital copy of your complete submittal to, Incomplete or unresponsive submittals may be rejected.

Where will the sculpture be located?

The Joe Rodota Trail is one of the most heavily-utilized in Sonoma County, as is Hwy 116 northbound adjacent to the entry point of the trail, serving a large population of resident both of the Town and the surrounding area.

The artwork can be installed in the center of the site and proposals should indicate foundation/mounting requirements for the piece. Electrical is not available at the site. Also, the bench and ‘informal’ footpath currently at the site do not need to stay.

Review the “Sebastopol South Entrance Public Art Project” PDF file for the map, site plan photographs and dimensions.

Is it okay if my sculpture is not designed for lighting?

 Electrical is not available at the site and it is okay if your proposal does not include lighting.

Review the “Sebastopol South Entrance Public Art Project” PDF file for the map, site plan photographs and dimensions.

Will it be required to source permitting for the installation?

 For permitting, the City and County (the land is County property) will work together to determine if building and encroachment permits will be required and how to procure.  If building/engineering is required for a proposal, that will be the responsibility of the Artist within the project budget.  Any engineering work will need to be done by a professional engineer with appropriate liability insurance included in the call, and at the Artist’s expense.  The cost for the building or encroachment permit applications will be the responsibility of the City.

Is a structural engineer required?

 That would depend on the scope of your project. If it’s a tall and/or heavy “structure” then it would likely need to be checked by an engineer and should be included in your budget. The City hopes that all participating Artists are familiar with the materials they have proposed to work with and have experience with the durability, stability, and safety involved.

What is the best way to format the images?

 Please make sure everything is clearly labeled.

If separated from the document, images should be clear not grainy or pixelated, and in color. JPEG/JPG or PNG are acceptable.

Sizing is up to the artist’s discretion.

What do I do if my digital file is too large to email?

You can send a dropbox link or similar secure file sharing link to

You may also deliver a flash drive or CD-ROM to:            
Sebastopol Planning Department
Attn: Nzuzi Mahungu / Call for Artists
7120 Bodega Avenue
Sebastopol CA 95472

What is the budget for this Call?

The all-inclusive artist budget to be provided by the City to the commissioned artist/artwork is $25,000. This budget includes design, fabrication and installation, and also covers any other project-related expenses—including but not limited to design, fabrication, installation, transportation and travel, presentation materials, taxes, and insurance. 

City insurance requirements may be reviewed at the end of the “Sebastopol South Entrance Public Art Project” PDF file.

What insurance will I need to present to qualify for my proposal?

There is an additional document at the end of the PDF titled ‘Attachment A, Insurance Requirements‘ which explains the insurance required by Contractors providing services or supplies to the City of Sebastopol. That document must be read and signed by the applicant to indicate they understand the agreement to be bound by the insurance requirements for any work performed for the City of Sebastopol.

This project requires insurance be maintained until the duration of the contract and for an additional five years thereafter, insurance against claims for injuries to persons or damages to property which may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work hereunder by the Contractor, his agents, representatives, employees, or subcontractors.

City insurance requirements may be reviewed at the end of the “Sebastopol South Entrance Public Art Project” PDF file.

I submitted a proposal, what next?

We appreciate your interest in this RFP, and we have reached out to the three finalists that were chosen.

While there are no other commissioned Calls at this time, the Public Art Committee is still advertising for two available spots at Sebastopol’s Community Sculpture Garden in Ives Park. If chosen, an Artist may loan their sculpture to the City for up to two-years or more. If interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Who were the finalists?

Please view the proposals of the three finalists chosen by the PAC: HERE

A public meeting will be held where the public will be able to leave comments and answer a survey regarding the proposals.

Stay tuned for related news and upcoming events by subscribing to Public Art e-alerts or viewing the official meeting page.

What is the project timeline?


Project Timeline (some times are estimated and subject to change depending on fabrication time, weather, etc.)

  • Call Released:                    November 1, 2023
  • Deadline for Staff Questions: December 11, 2023, 5 pm (; 707-823-6167)
  • Submissions Due:             January 29, 2024, 3 pm
  • Finalists Selected:             February 2024
  • Proposal Presentation:    March 2024 (Estimated 40 days after finalists selected)
  • Public Arts Committee Recommendation:   April-May 2024
  • City Council Award:         May 2024
  • Installation:                        TBD (artist to include in proposal time anticipated for fabrication/installation)
  • Reception:                          TBD
South Entry of the Joe Rodota Trail (Sebastopol, CA)