City News

Water Meter Inspections Under Way

June 5, 2024, City News

For the next 3-4 weeks, a team from PMI (Professional Meters Inc) will collect data that will be compiled and provided to the City of Sebastopol as closeout documentation verifying that recent water meter and transmitter installation work has been completed as agreed. The water meters of all Sebastopol Municipal Water customers will be inspected. Documentation includes confirming:

  • water service address
  • water meter component serial numbers
  • opt-out locations
  • component installation

The team will also check and correct lid fitment, debris accumulation in lid seams and meter boxes, or anything else required for a proper installation, and will photograph each installation. 

All team members will be required to carry identification; all involved vehicles will be identified, and the field crew has been instructed to have questions directed to their field supervisors. Water service will not be interrupted during the documentation process.