Sebastopol Living Wage Ordinance

Sebastopol Living Wage Ordinance

The City of Sebastopol’s Living Wage Ordinance (Sebastopol Municipal Code Section 2.72) was adopted in 2003. The goal of the ordinance is to protect the public health, safety and welfare by ensuring that City employees, employees of City service contractors, and other businesses who receive funding from the City earn an hourly wage that is sufficient to enable one working parent with one dependent to live with dignity and economic self-sufficiency.

The persons and entities described below shall comply with the minimum compensation standards established by this chapter if they employ more than six employees:

A.   The City of Sebastopol, including all its agencies, departments and offices.

B.   For-profit service contractors that receive contract(s) for $10,000 or more from the City in a 12-month period.

C.   Nonprofit service contractors that receive contracts from the City of $20,000 or more in a 12-month period.

D.   Recipients of City leases, concessions, or franchises which employ 25 or more employees and have $350,000 or more in annual gross receipts.

E.   Recipients that receive more than $100,000 in loans or other cash and/or noncash assistance in any 12-month period. Compliance shall be required during the term in which the assistance is received.
F.   Subcontractors or subtenants of any of the persons described in subsections B through E of this section and which have $50,000 or more in annual gross receipts.

The Living Wage is adjusted annually.  As of July 2023, the Living Wage is $21.25 per hour.

The ordinance does provide for certain exemptions, such as volunteers, certain types of temporary employees, employees under age 21 who work for a nonprofit for after-school or summer employment, and others.

​Additional requirements and limitations apply. For the full provisions of the ordinance, see Section 2.72 of the Sebastopol Municipal Code.

Employees who believe they are not being paid in accordance with the City of Sebastopol Living Wage ordinance or have questions regarding the Living Wage Ordinance should contact the City Manager’s Office at 707-823-1153.