Prescription Drug Disposal

At some point in time, most of us end up with leftover, unused prescription drugs. Please do not dispose of these in your household trash or by flushing them down the toilet, pouring them down the drain, or by dissolving them in in the sink to flow down the drain. These compounds will end up in our wastewater systems or in a landfill. Our wastewater systems are not designed to filter out these compounds and in the landfill they end up being leached into the soil and can then end up in our groundwater supply.

The Sebastopol Police Department has a FREE bin in our police department lobby where you can come in and safely dispose of your unused prescriptions. Please take advantage of this free service and help our environment.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept sharps for disposal at this time, nor can we accept illicit drugs and biologics such as insulin in our lobby bin. Should you want more information, visit Med-Project or call them at 1-844-MED-PROJECT (1-844-633-7765).