ID Theft/Fraud/Scams

Anyone can be the victim of identity theft, fraud, or scams. These types of thieves are insidious, extremely clever and creative and convincing. As a rule, avoid providing personal identifying information to anyone over the phone, via email, or by other means until you verify that the person contacting you is legitimate and associated with a known business. Conduct research before responding. Entities such as the Social Security Administration, Microsoft, the Internal Revenue Service and others will not call you on your cell phone or send you a text asking for monies they claim you owe.

If you suspect you have been the victim of any of these types of crimes, remember, there is nothing to be embarrased or ashamed about. Intelligent, well-educated, very successful people including attorneys, law enforcement, physicians and people from all walks of life fall prey to these unscrupulous thieves daily. Notify the police and report it. We can provide resources and suggestions and will investigate it to the best of our ability. You can always come into our station or call us for information and help.