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There is a growing body of research on people’s perceptions of fairness in dealing with law enforcement and public institutions. This research has shown that people’s perception of the quality of police encounters depends less on outcomes, but more on whether they feel treated in a fair or procedurally just way. Research has demonstrated that the four pillars of procedural justice – Respect, Fairness, Voice, and Trustworthiness – are vital for building trust and increasing legitimacy in policing. Every encounter between the Sebastopol Police Department and those we interact with is an opportunity for public feedback. All feedback is an opportunity to increase engagement, dialogue, and showcase the outstanding work and positive interactions our department personnel have each day.

The Sebastopol Police Department is teaming with to create increased transparency and provide our community with greater insight to our interactions. is a platform that allows people we interact with to provide feedback about the interaction in a timely manner. All interactions will provide those we interact with the opportunity to utilize a QR code or website to provide feedback.

We greatly appreciate your time and we look forward to hearing from our community.