Grading Permits

Grading Permit Application Requirements

Application and Fees

  • Complete Grading Permit Application
  • Contact information for applicant, licensed contractor, other professionals as appropriate
  • Fees and Deposits*
    • Grading Permit Application fee
    • Plan Check deposit
    • Inspection deposit

*Staff and consultant charges to process your application are charged against this deposit. Any excess remaining at completion of all work is refundable. Excess charges will be billed to applicant and must be paid prior to final signature approval of the permit or occupancy of any new structure.


  • Grading & Drainage plans prepared by an appropriate licensed professional
  • Letter of transmittal
  • Complete supporting documentation (calculations, etc.)
  • Evidence of Workers’ Compensation Coverage (contractor performing work)


  • Your application will be reviewed by the City Engineer. Allow up to 2 weeks for initial review. If additional information or plan revisions are required, a deficiency notice will be provided. Resubmittals in response to comments can then be uploaded in the e-Permitting Public Portal.
  • No work may be performed prior to approval of a permit. The City requires 24-hour minimum advance notice prior to work.
  • The grading permit must be approved and any required drainage facilities or erosion control in place for any work to be performed between October 15 and April 15.