Community Benefit Grant & Sponsorship Program

The Community Benefit Grant Program provides an excellent opportunity for the City of Sebastopol to support critical neighborhood projects and helps fulfill the community’s vision. It has been the practice of the City Council to consider the contribution funding of community-based programs conducted by non-profit 501 (3) (c) organizations that actively enhance the quality of life for Sebastopol residents. Non-profit organizations must file an application for the Community Benefit Grants Program. Applications must be submitted during February of each year for funding for the following fiscal year. Please see Policy and Application documents for complete details.

The Community Benefit Grant Fund is intended to provide funding to local non-profit organizations for specified community benefits programs and/or projects that will:

  1. Address an unmet/under-met and ongoing community need;
  2. Demonstrate long-term impact and quality outcome;
  3. Benefit a large cross section of community residents and/or businesses;
  4. Leverage additional funding to support the program;

The Community Grants policy is strongly related to Council’s Goals and Objectives as well as its vision and mission statements. The goal is to operate the Community Benefit Grant Program following related Council policies, plans and activities such as:

  1. Social Plans including Youth Plan, Cultural Arts, and Positive Aging/Elders;
  2. Community Participation;
  3. Festivals and Public Events;
  4. Economic Development; and
  5. Marketing Strategy, Tourism, Community Outreach 

** Note: The Community Benefit Grant & Sponsorship Program is suspended indefinitely.