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City of Sebastopol Housing Element Certified

March 9, 2023, City News

All cities in the State of California are required to maintain a General Plan and Housing Element, which is one of the required chapters of the General Plan and plans for housing within the City of Sebastopol from 2023-2031. The “Sixth Cycle” Housing Element  was adopted by the City Council on January 3, 2023, and has been Certified.
When the Department of Housing and Community Development issues a letter finding the Housing Element is in compliance, it is referred to as “certification” of the Housing Element.
Housing Element certification is important for several reasons including local control, Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) carryover, and eligibility for grant funds. In addition, the certified housing element protects the city from the ‘builder’s remedy.’

“The builder’s remedy allows property owners to bypass most local planning and zoning rules if that city or county has failed to complete certification of a state-mandated eight-year housing plan known as a ‘housing element’.”1

Letter of Certification