Police Department Commendation and Complaint Form

The Sebastopol Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of service to our community as possible. Transparency is a cornerstone to that committment. We take that committment seriously and want to receive the gift of feedback. When our officers provide excellent service, we want to know about that. When officers do not meet the standard of excellence we expect, we want to know about that as well. All complaints are reviewed, tracked and investigated as required by law. Should you have a complaint about any of our personnel, your information is kept confidential and will not be shared with any staff not investigating the matter.

The attached form can be used for either praise for a job well done, or to let us know when an officer did not rise to your expectations. Please print it out, complete it and drop it by the police department or email the completed form to the Chief of Police at: rnelson@sebpd.com

We want to hear from you with the goal of always striving to meet our community’s expectations and to help us improve and meet our own expectation for providing excellent service!